AP Discord Bot

Discord bot built with Discord.py.

Aug. 26, 2019, 6:41 p.m.

A Discord bot developed by me and Vex#0162. Made with Discord.py.

What is AP Bot?

AP Bot provides moderation tools such as bans, mutes, warnings, and modmail for the AP Students Discord server. Additionally, it's most important feature is its ability to manage pings for certain roles (particularly, helper roles). This bot is not for public use.

Tools used:




Moderation Commands

;ban <member> [reason]

;duration <infraction ID> <new duration>

;forceban <ID> [reason]

;kick <member> [reason]

;mute <member> [duration] [reason]

;reason <infraction ID> [new reason]

;softban <member> <days> [reason]

;unmute <member> [reason]

;warn <member> [reason]

;warnings <member>

;warnmute <member> [duration] [reason]

User Commands

;question [question]